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My grandson is a fussy eater. I made these for his morning breakfast and served them with yoghurt, fruits and  peanut butter. It brought a big smile on his face when I placed the plate before him. He sang as he ate and enjoyed every bite, wiping the plate clean.

Here's the Recipe:


Oatmeal - 1 cup

White flour - 1/2 cup

Baking powder - seperempat tsp

Salt- a small pinch

Butter melted - 2 tbs

Egg - 1

Milk - 1/dua cup

Strawberries - 4 or lima

Blueberries - a handful

Pears/Apples - grated

Honey - 1- dua tsp

Cinnamon for flavouring (optional) - can be used with grated apples


1. Preheat panggang to 350 degrees fahrenheit.

2. Grind the oats in a dry grinder. Then mix together all dry ingredients.

Tiga. Whisk the egg, add the milk followed by the cooled melted butter and honey.

4. Now add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Mix well to get a smooth thick batter.

Lima. Pour into kecil muffin tins, top with berries and bake in the preheated panggang for 10 to 12 mins till a tooth pick inserted comes out clean.

6. You can use the same batter to make mini pancakes and use different toppings such as grated apples or pears, berries etc. Use clarified butter to cook the mini pancakes in the non stick pan.

7. Turn over and cook gently on low heat till they are done. Remove from pan, cool and serve them to your little toddler with peanut butter or yoghurt.

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