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Persian sweets and desserts are so visually appealing as well as delicious in taste that I could not help devouring these Pistachio Rose Persian Love Cookies as soon as they were done. I have long been eyeing these cookies on this blog: and at last gathered all the ingredients to make them.

So attractive to behold, soft, chewy and delicious in taste with the fragrance of rose petals that fills your senses as you bite into them. And with the first bite you begin to wonder if you have already fallen head over heals in love with them.  You cannot stop craving for more....... No wonder they are called Love Cookies!!

I followed the recipe almost exactly except for the fact that I didn't have enough almonds that day so combined it with pistachios and the taste was divine. Next time I make them I want to try without almonds and use only pistachios.

Also I did not have pomegranate juice so substituted with berry juice which was sweet and tangy like the pomegranate flavour.

Recipe adapted from heneedsfood.Com


100 gm Almond meal

50 gm Pistachios ground

110 gm Icing Sugar sifted

80 gm Pistachiosfinely sliced

1/dua Tsp Nutmeg

1 Tsp Green Cardamoms ground

1/3 Cup Dried Rose Petals

1 Egg White

1 Tsp Rose Water


1 Tbs Berry Juice (blue berry and raspberry)

6 Tbs Icing sugar


1. Preheat panggang to 335 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2. Grind the almonds and pistachios separately and mix together. Add the sifted icing sugar, nutmeg, green cardamom powder, rose petals and mix well.

3. Blanch the 80 gm pistachios (soak them in warm water and remove their skins) and slice them.

4. Now add the egg white and rose water to the dry ingredients (step 2) till the mixture comes together.

Lima. Shape into balls and roll them in the pistachio slices, place them on the lined cookie sheet and bake in the panggang for 20 minutes. Remove and leave them to cool on a wire wrack.

6. Mix together the icing sugar with the berry juice until you get a smooth flowy texture. When the cookies are completely cooled, drizzle the icing on top in a zig zag motion with a fork.

7. Once the icing is completely set, decorate them with rose petals and dust lightly with icing sugar before serving. Enjoy!

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